As a luxury brand that is committed to being ethically run, it is important to us that in making decisions - big or small, we are guided by our core values and be transparent in how we do it. While we are not perfect, we do our best to continuously improve and be honest and grounded in our approach.


We choose to work with luxury deadstock material and end of roll remnant fabric from garment manufacturing to maximize precious resources, rather than to manufacture new fabrics. This pushes us to be creative and conscious about our use of the limited fabric pieces.

We continue to evaluate and improve our material choices, and incorporate more environmentally friendly options with every collection, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

We use real leather only when we are able to fully trace where it comes from and how it was tanned and processed. For example, the camel leather that is used in our accessories is post-consumer waste and the tanning process uses natural dyes and is chrome-free. Otherwise, faux leather is used. In addition, we do not use any real fur and opt for faux fur instead. 

Fair remuneration for our workers
Everything is sampled and produced either in house or at our partners in the UAE. We know each and everyone working for the brand and ensure that they are remunerated fairly and treated well.

Waste management
Any fabric that is leftover from the cutting process is repurposed into creative accessories, packaging and toys. Given that we produce everything in house, we are able to monitor production numbers and ensure that we do not overproduce.

Supporting artisans and preserving craftsmanship
We value traditional craftsmanship and acknowledge it as a cultural source of pride that needs to be preserved for our future generations. We continue to build genuine and long lasting relationships with the artisans, to help preserve the craft and generate a sustainable income for them - who are mostly women. Under our creative direction, these traditional techniques and unique skill sets are given a fresh perspective through modern designs that are appreciated by a global audience.

All of this is grounded in a design philosophy that prioritizes timelessness over trend. We believe strongly in creating pieces that are timeless and that transcend short lived trends. We design for the Abadia woman who feels connected to the story of our brand and purchases pieces that she would cherish and hopefully pass onto the next generation.